Handling forms is easy now

FormEasy is a free and open source solution that lets you receive forms from your sites, apps and servers very easily

FormEasy - Handle forms easily for static sites without any server for FREE
How FormEasy works?

FormEasy is an apps script library using which you can handle forms without actually maintaining a server and with just a few lines of code

Get started


Create a Google sheet

Create an empty Google sheet and open the apps script file connected to it from the extensions menu.
Open new google sheets file
Add form easy library


Add FormEasy library

Add the FormEasy library from the left bar using the ScriptID and select the latest version.


Add apps script code

Clear default functions in the apps script file and add doPost function with the FormEasy methods
Add form easy code
Deploy apps script


Deploy apps script code

Deploy the saved apps script code by selecting the type as Web app and use the Web app URL to make POST requests.

FormEasy is open source, check it out on Github ๐Ÿš€

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