Copy text as never before

Copy paragraphs, sentences and custom selections in a simple and hassle free manner just in a click.

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What is it?

Copy Text Easily is a chrome extension that lets you copy text or code snippets in a hassle free manner just in a click. Enable or disable it just so easily.

Copy Text Easily extension has three modes viz., paragraph, sentence and custom selection modes for copying text in various scenarios.


Paragraph mode

Hovering and clicking any desired paragraph or block of text, gets copied to the clipboard.

Sentence mode

Hovering on and off the text will select the desired sentence. Clicking it will copy the sentence to the clipboard.

Custom mode

Select your desired text on the webpage and it gets copied as soon as you select the text.


With one click you can enable or disable the extension right from the current tab.

Use on keypress

You can enable this extension conditionally only during a keypress. Ctrl is the default key.

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